The AUTOSAR Behavior Toolbox contains all elements required to model the internal behavior of AUTOSAR components (e.g. Runnables, Inter-Runnable-Variables etc.). Not all model elements are currently exported to ARXML.

AUTOSAR ArtifactDefines artifacts like .h and .c files in an enar autosar model. 
AUTOSAR BehaviorContainer used in a AUTOSAR component to contain all behavior elements. This element is based on the structured Activity and you can use the EA-functionality of the Composite Diagram to enable a double-click navigation to the sub-diagram. 
AUTOSAR Control Flow Connects AUTOSAR Events to AUTOSAR Runnables.
AUTOSAR Data ElementCurrently unused and reserved for future extensions
AUTOSAR DependencyConnector used to express dependencies to other model elements.
AUTOSAR EventDefines AUTOSAR element events (e.g. time events to start a runnable)
AUTOSAR Inter Runnable VariableDefines Inter-Runnable-Variables.
AUTOSAR Object FlowThis connection is used to connect Runnables and Inter Runnable Variables or Component Ports and AUTOSAR Runnable Ports.
AUTOSAR RealizationThis connection is used to express a realization of a Runnable or a component. It is used to connect Runnables and/or components and AUTOSAR Artifacts.
AUTOSAR RunnableUse this elements to define Runnables as part of the Component Behavior.
AUTOSAR Runnable PortThe Runnable Ports define an interface of a Runnable. They are connected by an AUTOSAR Object Flow connector with a AUTOSAR Component port. 
AUTOSAR Software Component ImplementationThis element is used to represent a SW Component Implementation.
AUTOSAR InitializationThis connector is used to specify complex data type initializations.


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