The AUTOSAR Data Modeling Toolbox contains all elements required to model autosar data and interface types.

AUTOSAR Base TypeCreate AUTOSAR base types (e.g. uint8, uint16 etc.). Elements of that kind are generated to a SW-BASE-TYPE element in ARXML.

AUTOSAR Client Server Interface

Defines a Client-Server Interface. Such a Client-Server-Interface is used as the Port-Type for a Client-Server-Port. 
AUTOSAR Compu Method Defines an AUTOSAT Compu Method.
AUTOSAR Data ElementThe AUTOSAR Data Element is an instance (Property) of an AUTOSAR Data Type. You can use this element to model internal data attributes of AUTOSAR Data Elements. 
AUTOSAR Data TypeAUTOSAR Data Type elements are used to define AUTOSAR data types like Values, Arrays, Structures or Type References. You can set the type with the element tagged values.
AUTOSAR Mode Switch InterfaceDefines a Mode-Switch-Interface. This interface type is used for a Mode Switch Port.
AUTOSAR NV Data InterfaceDefines a Non-Volatile-Data-Interface. This interface type is used for a NV Data Port.
AUTOSAR Parameter InterfaceDefines a Parameter-Interface. This interface type is used for a Parameter Port.
AUTOSAR Sender Receiver InterfaceDefines a Sender-Receiver-Interface. This interface type is used for a Sender Receiver Port.
AUTOSAR Trigger InterfaceDefines a Trigger-Interface. This interface type is used for a Trigger Port.
Part AssociationThis connector is used to define a is-part-of relation between interface types and data elements, resp. Data Types.
QuantityKindDefines a quantity kind, resp. a physical dimension according to the SysML-standard.
UnitDefines a physical unit according to the SysML-standard.
AUTOSAR UsageThis connector is used to express dependencies between data type element. Have a look into the section about  Data Type Modeling for details when to use this conector.
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