In this chapter you'll find answers to frequently asked questions to the code generator.


Something's not working with Embedded Engineer? Here are a few things to consider...


The Generate Code menu entry is disabled


Generation Error:
Could not determin generation language

Check if you have a package selected in the Project Browser / Containment Tree

Check if the package:

has the Stereotype LL Embedded set
has the Tagged Values: GenSrcDir and GenerationLanguage

Check if the selected language is enable in the Model Settings.

No code/file was generated for one of my classes/packges

Check if the class/package (or one of it's parents) has the no code generation stereotype set.

Check if the class/package (or one of it's parents) has the NoCodeGen Tagged Value set to "True".

I can't find an Embedded Engineer Stereotype/Tagged Value

Enterprise Architect: 

Check if the LieberLieber Embedded Engineer MDG Technology is enabled
(Specialize → Technologies → Manage)

Magic Draw: 

Check if the Embedded Engineer Profile is used in your model.
(File→ Use Project→ Use Local Project → <install.root>\profiles\EmbeddedEngineerProfile.mdzip)

Generation Error:
No enumeration marked with 'signals' stereotype or name 'Signals' found....

You are generating code for State Machines with Signals.
For this you need a Signals enum in your model.

See: Signals

The generated code is missing one of the following classes, structs, enums:
  • FSM
  • time_units

The generated State Machine requires a structure definition: Structure Definitions

Starting from scratch with Enterprise Architect
Starting from scratch with MagicDraw

Attribute, Operation or other typed elements have characters:

  • missing 
  • replaced

in the generated code.

This is due to the fact that Embedded Engineer only uses the "Normalized Name" of an element.

Only exeption from this rule are the Primites.

Since Enterprise Architect 15 I get the error that:

Found multiple 'GenSrcDir' Tagged Values in '[PackageName]' please consolidate!


Found multiple 'GenerationLanguage' Tagged Values in '[PackageName]' please consolidate!

Enterprise Architect 15 tries to closer adhere to the UML Standard and will now show Profile specific Tagged Values in the Properties tab:

Only non Tagged Values not specified in Profiles will be displayed in the Tags tab:

(see otherwise empty Tags list)

To find and consolidate these Tagged Values open the Element Properties dialog for the Package

You will find two Tabs on the right hand bottom side LieberLieber Embedded Engineer and LL Embedded.

Select the second/old entry LL Embedded and delete the old GenSrcDir and the GenerationLanguage Tagged Values.