Enterprise Architect

To get started, please open the example model (in Enterprise Architect: Extensions/Specialize → LieberLieber Embedded Engineer → Open Example Model) and follow the instructions there.

If you've modified the examples file and want to restore the original state, you can delete the examples directory in your user directory (Documents\LieberLieber\EmbeddedEngineer\Examples) and restart EA - The examples will be copied to your user directory again.

The example project files for Microsoft Visual C++ and Code Composer Studio are also available via the menu: Extensions → LieberLieber Embedded Engineer 2.0 → Open Examples Folder.

Please examine the model (top-down works well here) and note how the different parts of the system (Classes, Behaviors, FSM, External Libraries) are connected to each other.


All possible components and code snippets that can be created with Embedded Engineer can be viewed with links to the help in our MagicDraw Code Generation Components Test.

(which we also use to test the code generation itself)

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