What's New

With Embedded Engineer 3.0 we updated to a new a new licensing mechanism.

It automatically includes a 30 day demo period and also supports floating licenses and offline roaming for up to 30 days.

All customers with valid support/maintenance are entitled to update to the new license.

For a license update or a new license please contact: sales@lieberlieber.com



(info)Changed licensing mechanismChangedLicensing: 3.0 and higher
(plus)Added support for floating server and offline licensesAddedLicensing: 3.0 and higher
(plus)Added integrated 30 day Demo license for testingAddedLicensing: 3.0 and higher
(plus)Added user code sync support for Magic Draw ModelsAdded
(plus)Added includes generation for Attributes/PropertiesAdded
(plus)Added capability for code generation for only sub packagesAddedPackages

User interface

(plus)Added code editor for opaque/user Code with code completion and syntax highlightingAddedCode Editor
(plus)Added progress bar and more details for MagicDrawAdded
(info)MagicDraw plugin license from LieberLieber ChangedLicensing: 3.0 and higher
(info)MagicDraw progress dialog can now be resizedChanged

Model settings

(plus)Added support for multiple generation languages (one per package).


(plus)Added Code Editor Save Strategy for the new code editor. AddedModel Settings

Bug fixes


Added check for CallBehavior and Activity parameters to omit generation of "this/me" parameter for Interface functions.

(error)Removed includes for nested Classes Fixed

(error)Fixed duplicate defines when using "Consider define Scope" SettingFixed
(error)Fixed duplicate declarations on static fieldsFixed
(error)Code generation error for parameters in MagicDrawFixed
(error)Fixed Json serialization issue for big UDI filesFixed
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