What's New

release date: 18.11.2022

We now also provide EmbeddedEngineer Automation.

A CLI tool to bring code generation directly into your CI/CD landscape.

(plus) Added Support for Enterprise Archtiect 16 x32 & x64
(plus) Added no code generation stereotype to interfaces*
(plus) Added support for multidimensional arrays*
(plus) Added support for define in interfaces
(plus) Added support to persist user code on disabled sync*
(plus) Updated to WebView2 (EmbeddedEngineer & UmlDebugger)*
(info) Removed Enterprise Architect check on installation
(info) Updated model reading layer
(info) Updated CLang code style to lateste stable version 15.0.2
(info) Updated Tagged Value inherritance throughout the model
(info) Extended Preprocessor Directives functionality to allow e.g.: extern "C"*
(info) Updated support for volatile types
(info) Updated out parameters to generate pointers
(info) Consolidated comment generation
(info) Updated Primtives to predefined & reuse const, volatile,... model type definitions*
(plus) Added option to seperate implementation and declaration files into seperate folders*
(plus) Added option to restrict include generation to explicitly defined includes only*
(plus) Added option to suppress operation prefix during generation*
(plus) Added option to Use Element Alias as Tag Name for struct, union & enum*
(plus) Added comment templates*
(plus) Added validation for strict data typing*
Bug fixes
(error) Updated examples to latest Stereotypes and Tagged Values
(error) Updated examples to eapx (Enterprise Architect 16)
(error) Fixed multiple license checkouts
(error) Cleaned up tailing empty lines in generated code
(error) Fixed generation for public const Attributes
(error) Fixed post setup COM registration issue with regasm

We are currently migrating the help page to a new format which will soon become available

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