LemonTree 1.5.1 was released in Jan. 2018.

LemonTree 1.5.3 was released in Feb. 2018.

LemonTree 1.5.5 was released in Mar. 2018.

What's New

(green star) New Feature      (star) Non-Critical Bugfix      (red star) Critical Bugfix

 IssueDescriptionIn Version
(green star)Smart GroupingLemonTree now groups impacted elements in a "smarter" way, i.e. according to classifier etc.. See more about this feature here.
(green star)Recursive Change SelectionWhen taking changes of an element and all its sub-elements to be in the merged version or vice versa, you can now select the specific element and click on the menu button "Take Subtree...".
(green star)PerformanceLemonTree has improved performance and memory usage.
(green star)Diagram-HighlightingDiagram highlighting has improved even further.

(green star)File selectionWhen starting a manual merge it is now possible to choose a filename, not only the location.
(green star)Multiple mergesYou can merge multiple times, so after a merge you can examine the merged model, and revise your merge decisions later.
(star)Navigate from Change to DiagramEasily navigate from one change or sub-change to its diagrams.
(star)Loading Speed of DiagramsLarge diagrams are loaded much faster, when clicking on the corresponding element.
(star)Impacted diagramsThe calculation of impacted diagrams is now more complete.
(star)Diagram visualization

Older versions of LemonTree were not able to show all diagrams. This is now fixed.
(star)Diagram searchSearching in Impacted Diagrams now also searches in sub-elements.
(star)Stability improvementsWe've improved stability further.
(red star)Improved correctnessMerges are now performed more correctly and respect some previously missed edge cases.

Not supported EA features

LT doesn't diff these features:

  • Slideshows (can be created via "Model Views")
  • Diagram filter
  • Default diagram
  • Profiles (Solved in 1.6.0)
  • Run states of class instances (Solved in 1.6.0)
  • Conveyed items from item flows (Solved in 1.6.0)

Known Issues in 1.5

Issue with the "recusive change selection": When initially selecting an element via the "Impacted elements" the element also gets automatically selected in the tree. With clicking on "Take Subtree X" LemonTree falls to an invalid state and it's not longer possible to override changes.

Workaround until the Fix: The buttons "Take Subtree X" should only be clicked after a selection in the tree view. They are than working as expected.

Note: When selecting something in the tree, afterwards another element in the "Impacted Elements", the button "Take Subtree X" will lead to the unexpected result that the changes of elements are recursivle taking from the old selection which was done via the tree.  Solved in

No known issues

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