LemonTree 1.8.0 is available on demand since 12-09-2018.

LemonTree 1.8.1 is available on demand since 27-09-2018.

LemonTree 1.8.2 is available on demand since 23-10-2018.

What's New

(green star) New Feature      (star) Non-Critical Bugfix      (red star) Critical Bugfix

(green star)3rd diagramLemonTree now calculates and shows the PreMerge diagram. Find details here: Diagram Viewer1.8.0
(green star)New filter mechanismLemonTree now provides a new filtering mechanism. See Filtering Impacted Elements / Impacted Diagrams and the Tree Browser.


(green star)Displaying of diagram representationsChanged diagram representations are now displayed in LemonTree. See Diagram Representations.1.8.0
(green star)Property viewerLemonTree provides a new component: the Property Viewer. Properties are removed from the tree. See Property Viewer.1.8.0
(green star)Session dialogWe introduced a new session dialog to distinguish better between "Merge" and "Compare" session. See New Session Dialog.1.8.0
(green star)Saving/Loading of sessionsSaving and loading of sessions is now possible. See detailed description here: LemonTree Session Handling.1.8.0
(green star)Improved help-pageWe improved the help-page of LemonTree. We didn't create new pages just for the new features but tried to explain in more detail how LemonTree is working.1.8.0
(green star)New handling of TaggedValuesTaggedValues are no longer treated as "real" elements but are closely connected to their owner element as properties. They are now visible in the new Property Viewer. That reduces the amount of elements in the Tree Browser and also the Impacted Elements list.1.8.0
(green star)Handling of Stereotypes of elementsAlso the stereotypes of elements are now visible in the Property Viewer and no longer in the tree. Attention: This is valid for stereotypes of elements but not globally defined stereotypes.1.8.0
(green star)Renamed "Global Elements" to "ReferenceData"For better understanding we renamed the "Global Elements" package to "ReferenceData". See detailed description here: What is the ReferenceData Package?1.8.0
(green star)Including SlideShowsSlideShows are now considered by LemonTree.1.8.2
(green star)Including DiagramFiltersDiagram filters are now considered by LemonTree.1.8.2
(green star)Support of Attached LinksIn EA context menu of notes it is possible to set "Attached links". They are now also considered in LemonTree.1.8.2
(star)Diagram sync settingLemonTree now remembers the setting Sync "By selected element" or "By Pan & Zoom" in the Diagram Viewer.1.8.0
(star)Rendering of PortsIn some cases Ports have been rendered behind their element. This is now solved.1.8.0
(star)OwnedBehaviors are no longer diffedOwnedBehaviors are a list of sub elements of certain elements. LemonTree compares the sub elements themselves and not the list of the elements parent. This won't lead to conflicts of the parents element any longer.1.8.0
(star)Support of "exotic" diagram typesIf the Diagram_Type in t_diagram is something like "bdd", LemonTree generated an integrity violation and set the diagram type to "Logical".1.8.2
(red star)LemonTree loses TVs from operationsOn writing of TaggedValues of operations LemonTree had troubles on updating the DB field and lost the TaggedValue.1.8.1
(red star)Missing "AssignTo" in Sequence messagesDue to refactoring TaggedValues "AssignTo" value was lost (from PDATA2 field). This is now fixed.1.8.2
(red star)Too many diagram links are writtenLemonTree wrote too many diagram links (espacially regarding Sequence/Timing diagrams). LemonTree needs them sometimes because of special EA behaviour. (EA draws non-existing diagram links in diagrams others than Sequence/Timing diagrams. LemonTree didn't)1.8.2
(red star)Offset of messages in Sequence diagramsLemonTree lost the offset of messages in sequence diagrams. This led to wrong visualization of Sequence Diagrams in EA.1.8.2

Not supported EA features

LT doesn't diff these features:

  • Slideshows (can be created via "Model Views"; MDG Technolgy can be used!) Supported in 1.8.2
  • Diagram filter Supported in 1.8.2
  • Default diagram
  • Project Tasks/Issues (Can be found in Ribbon "Construct" → "Project" → "Status" → "Project Status (Tasks & Issues)"

Known issues

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